Blogging about my Martial Arts Journey

Daruma doll

Daruma doll

Golden Leopard Info is a blog for students of Kempo or any style that finds it useful. It is also about the martial arts journey we all take toward self-development. Kempo is a continually evolving art form that has a depth of theories that utilizes biomechanics and physics to make things work. The articles here will contain some of my lecture notes, recent dojo discussions, reviews of exciting movies, and how the Way affects our regular life. This blog is an Internet Dojo, a place to train the mind, body, and spirit.

For fifteen years, I wrote and compiled a dojo newsletter for my school and organization. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it. That enjoyment is why I continued to write so long. A blog provides a more vibrant format compared to newsletters because the reader can comment, adding their insights and reflections. A conversation is much better than a lecture.

You may imagine a strict dojo chief with a stern demeanor and fierce eyes. That’s not me. I like to joke and be relaxed. However, training is a serious business, and students should remain serious during lessons. This serious focus balances humor and levity during training. Follow the rules and show respect for your fellow human beings. That’s the most straightforward rule to remember — the Golden Rule.

What is Golden Leopard Kempo? It is my expression of the martial arts based primarily on my work in Karazenpo go Shinjutsu and Hawaiian/American Shaolin Kempo. Other influences on this base include extensive Jujutsu, Kobudo, Arnis, Escrima, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Hsing I, Ninjutsu, and Silat. I’m also fascinated by European and Indigenous warrior traditions as well as modern combat. If it involves fighting, then I probably will enjoy learning about it.

Enjoy the articles and posts. Please note, I may, from time to time, post articles from my website that predate the official start of this blog. Think of them as posts transferring from my cave-man blog–the old fashion 1990s web page.