Karate master teaches more than kicks, jabs

Read the full story here and they have a video too.

Master King has hit on an ancient connection between the martial arts and life. Since the origins of Karate stem from farmers on Okinawa, his belief that they are related rings true. Here’s a quote from the article:

“Gardening, farming and karate are almost the same. You gotta get down into the earth. It’s all about job skills and earning your own way,” King Karate and Harvesting Earth Owner Jackie King said.

Training in the warrior arts teaches us about responsibility and that responsibility includes having appropriate skills to make a living and contributing to the community and one’s family. It is important to know how to provide for oneself. Farming like Karate requires patience. Also hard work has great payoffs. Here’s another great quote from Master King in the article:

“We have kids that come here and train and go out and work on farms. We teach them how to use the equipment. Some of the kids have never used a tractor,” said King.

His program speaks to the heart of martial arts like Karate or Kempo – making better adults by teaching children well. Martial arts are not just about punching and kicking, as the title says. Master King gets it.

“We think that’s part of self defense. If you have to depend on other people for basic things like food, then you’re putting your life in their hands. We need to take some of that power back,” Dora King said.

Good luck Master King.

Swine Flu Threat Closes Karate Academy

Read the full story here and they have a video too.

I’m a big fan of after school programs and small business owners. Though the closing is prudent to stop the spread of the flu, it does affect the financial ability of businesses to remain open. I wish the Karate Academy luck during this Swine Flu hysteria.