What is Golden Leopard Kempo?

Golden Leopard Kempo is a professional martial arts center teaching the ancient warrior arts with modern methods. Founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal attention, and tradition, we provide you with the most complete and effective program to reach your full potential. Martial arts training is more than a quaint hobby or after school activity, it is a way of life that transforms you into a better you.

“Golden Leopard Kempo is more than just self-defense. It is by far the most complete and exciting martial arts program in the country.”

Teaching Excellence
Our instructors are personally selected, not only for their martial arts skill but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages. Through a special company sponsored program of advanced training, our instructors are continuously upgrading their physical and teaching skills. It’s no surprise that Golden Leopard Kempo instructors are ranked among the finest in the world. We constantly strive to develop and implement the best training methods of the modern era while instilling timeless effectiveness, tradition, and wisdom. Excellence in teaching is a priority for our entire staff.

Programs Designed with You In Mind
We are interested not only in self-defense skills but also in the complete personal development of each student. Individual attention is a feature of each and every class, allowing our students to progress quickly and easily toward their personal goals. Our instructors take seriously their responsibility as role models for our students, teaching the importance of strong character, leadership, and good values.

Although our techniques are based on centuries old knowledge, our application of that knowledge sets us apart from the other schools. We realize that each student possesses different physical abilities. Size and strength vary with each individual, so once you have acquired a strong foundation in the basics, our program will enhance your personal physical capabilities and maximize your self-defense skills. You will understand exactly what it takes, mentally and physically, to defend yourself or your loved ones should the need ever arise.

Rotating Curriculum
Teaching the entire class the same techniques at a time is key for faster assimilation of information. Though there is a natural progression of material from beginning to advanced techniques, groups of the techniques can be taught in a flexible order. Therefore, you can start our program at any time and only advance out of each Phase once you complete all the modules of that Phase. This methodology allows all our instructors to focus on presenting the same material to the entire class and helping each individual master the curriculum.

Softening Moves

Most of the entry moves in Kempo are softening moves. You smack the enemy to distract them. This provides the time necessary to perform complex maneuvers, especially locks and traps. They play a vital role in your arsenal of weapons.

Sometimes termed the wet blanket, softening moves are distraction strikes. Most are medium-intensity, relaxed-whipping motions that produce painful stings. Some are painful nerve plexus strikes. Both cause to opponent to wince and think about something else. This creates an opening for you to apply a technique. Never delay the offensive, but don’t rush either.

Any competent fighter will be able to slip out of or avoid locks. What softening moves provide is a painful feint that allows your attack to slip in undefended. You can also stall by continuous application of softening moves until you can position yourself into an optimal offensive location. Remember that Kempo stylist control the “flow” or “rate” of the attack. Use this to maintain control.

Moves You Know
Two of the grade level crane tricks contain nerve plexus strikes to the face. Right after you derail the attack with your wing, you step in with Crane’s Beak strikes to the cheek and jaw hinge. This allows you to hook and uproot your opponent.

Another example is found in 5 Kata. The opening moves are blocks and softening moves. You don’t break bricks and boards with the backhand, but you can cause momentary stings across the face. Sometimes, that is more effective then breaking bones.

Finally, many of the Escapes and Grab Arts contain softening moves. For Lapel 1, you slap the hand and the face before you proceed with the arm bar and wrist lock. The wristlock is the second softening move in that technique. When you grab the hand, your thumb presses the nerve point in the web of the hand. That allows you to dislodge, seize and lock the wrist.

Know Your Moves
Which techniques have them? Which techniques could utilize them? Take it upon yourself to investigate your Kempo. Remember that each move should flow into the next. Distractions precede complex finishing moves. All practice is research, and perfect practice makes perfect.