Three Gates of Daruma

One of the elements of our attacks is to uproot the opponent. This is also one of the most difficult things to accomplish without a trick. Our trick is to use the Three Gates of Daruma concept where the lateral line at the shoulders is one gate, the lateral line at the hip is another, and the third gate is the feet.

What are lateral lines? Draw an imaginary line from the left should to the right shoulder. All the flesh between those two points along the line make up the lateral line. Pushing anywhere on that imaginary line will suffice to accomplish our intent.

To uproot an opponent, you must move any two of the gates in opposite directions. Push the shoulder back and hip forward or feet forward and hip back. Follow up quickly with a lock or rapid punches.

Attacking the gates isn’t limited to your hands either. Utilize these spots with leg hocks, reaps, and sweeps.