Intent, the Leopard’s Game Face

Have you ever watched a nature show that follows a big cat as it stalks its prey? I love watching leopards creep slowly towards their prey. Look at their face. You see intent. Not normal intent, they have intense intent. By looking into their eyes, you know they will kill something if given the slightest opportunity. There is little doubt in their mind and your what will happen next…if the gazelle is slow.

You control the situation through your intent. When you encounter an aggressive person on the street, a bully, you must turn your attention to the situation and form a deep, intense intent. I’ve personally gotten out of many fights by turning on my intent to defend myself without restraint. It sends vibes or something out into the conflict area. Once the bully feels, sees, or smells your intent, he knows. And he usually backs down. Intent is a powerful deterrent.

It is also a powerful way to execute your strikes. In breaking, you must think, “break” to break a brick. You must have intent. If you have doubts about your abilities or you are distracted, unfocused, you won’t be able to break the brick. The focus of intent is like a laser-guided missile. You can accomplish anything if you have unwavering-intent.

Be firm in your commitment. Intent is a commitment that you will do what you are thinking. You are focused on your task and you will succeed. Intent, focus and commitment are three ingredients to a successful conflict. That is how you achieve great things. Establish a goal and commit to it. Focus on it. Have the intent to reach the goal. You will be unstoppable.