Sticks and Stones

The pocket stick or yawara is an effective weapon because it can mimic hand strikes, especially finger strikes. It does a better job since it has no feelings or flesh to cushion your strike. And anything firm about the size of your hand will do as an improvised yawara – pen, pencil, spoon, screwdriver or corncob.

When you use a yawara, focus on pressure points on the body. Use the yawara when you hook or check an arm. They become great levers and controlling devices. During your free practice, perform all your defense maneuvers (like combinations, knife defenses, etc.) with a yawara. Adapt the strikes and develop the ability to quickly adapt the technique to the weapon in your hand. Remember to go slow so you don’t injure your training partner.

These same techniques can be performed with a hand-sized rock too. Hammer strikes lend themselves to rock use more than straight punches. Once you become comfortable using yawara and other stick-like improvised weapons, start using a small rock. It will enlighten your abilities and make you a better fighter.

Always seek a way to gain an advantage in confrontations. Pick up anything to use as a weapon. A confrontation stacked in your favor is not unfair it’s practical.