Red Light!

Avoiding conflicts requires you to be aware of your surrounding. Awareness must be a constant vigil. There are four threat levels that require a degree of awareness and intuition on your part. Intuition is your feelings or analysis of a situation based on non-verbal, emotional, and body-movement clues. Allow your brain to acknowledge these feelings so you can develop better senses for danger. Such signals are the hairs that stand-up on your neck, or the spontaneous shiver, or the feeling that something is watching you. Do not dismiss these signals without evaluating the environment for threats.

  • Threat Level White is a state of un-readiness. You’re completely oblivious to your surroundings. The perfect target for a predator looking for his next victim. Never be caught in Threat Level White.
  • Threat Level Yellow, you are relaxed but aware of your surroundings. You notice if anything is unusual or out of place. If anyone is planning to attack you, they will not catch you off guard. This is the level you should be in most of the time. The only time you should fall into Threat Level White is when you’re asleep.
  • Threat Level Orange, you are very alert. You’ve just noticed a possible danger and you have begun to develop a tactical response plan. You realize you may have to defend yourself and can easily shift into Threat Level Red.
  • Threat Level Red. You realize the threat, have a plan, and if the attacker makes a move you do what you have to do.

When the attacker makes any aggressive action towards you, you are willing to use deadly force against him.

Proper awareness and avoidance of the threat can eliminate 90% of physical confrontations. While not as flashy as jumping kick to your attacker’s nose, it is the preferred method of winning the fight – by not fighting.