Distance Training

Over the years I seen lots of students leave the school. Many of these long time students were also family members. Most of them still wish to train in Kempo with me yet the shear distance involved doesn’t facilitate the desire. To solve this dilemma I’ve decided to do something anathema to “true” martial arts teachers. I’ve decided to work with them through a remote training program.Golden Leopard Kempo logo

The reason why this is method of training brings up such scorn is the art is physical. It needs other humans to act as partner, uke and visual reference. Teachers need to adjust the rising horse stance. Teachers need to remind students about the foot position and the power in the strike. These things require someone actually there to move the elbow, to strike the pressure point and to demonstrate the key element misunderstood by the student.

It is also seen as selling out by a certain segment. However, the sense of selling out is often the cry of instructors with limited business sense who bemoan the fact they can’t afford to do it full time. I on the other hand don’t teach as my career. I have a job that I enjoy. I teach because I love teaching and it is rewarding.

Modern age requires adaptation to the new technologies. We use notebooks. We video to record our practice as a mental reminder. Why not use the Internet and its wonderful tools to help teach. At work, we use the Internet to train others all the time. I’ve taken online classes that were tough and really taught me the information I needed. The same can be done with Kempo. After all, many other Masters already do too.

How to bridge the gap between the good and the bad? You need to actually test and see me during the course so I can correct problems. I can see most of them via video but some just need hands on adjusting. Over the years, I noticed that there are problems that all students have. I say the same things over and over again. If I can record it and play it, I’ll save my voice.

So the point of this mental exercise is I’m working on something now. Extending the dojo into cyberspace with online videos, forums and my lectures in blog form. You’re already reading the first segment of this concept. If you’re a former SKK student with no school near by and want to continue your training, volunteer to be a guinea pig. If you’re interested in learning more now that you’re a Black Belt (and not in a school with your instructor), sign up too.

The point is, you are only limited by the limits you place upon yourself. I choose to think outside the box and learn in a limitless fashion. Join me.