The Grandma Rule

One way to remember things is to associate with silly things. That’s why I call our environmental awareness the “Grandmas Rule”. You should be aware of those around you. Who are they? Are they a friend or a foe? It also requires you to know what physical objects are around. Are there stairs, tables or chairs near you? Is the floor wet? Are you on a rocky slope? This is environmental awareness.

As martial artist, we must maintain our cool and focus on the battlefield. Don’t attack in a blind frenzy. There may be innocent bystanders around you who shouldn’t be hurt. There may be allies next to you in a supportive position. You need to think during a fight. Breathe and stay calm.

When I say, “Watch out for your Grandma!” what I’m really telling you is to keep track of the non-combatants. You may need to protect them and identify the bad guys. Always look around you and identify potential dangers and strange people. Knowing who to be careful of is half the battle and eliminates surprise. Awareness of what is around you helps keep you safe.

No one likes to accidentally hit his grandmother.