Bruce Lee passed 36 years ago

“Bruce Lee passed 36 years ago today in Hong Kong from an cerebral edema caused by an allergic reaction to pain medication. We pay homage to the awesomeness that was Bruce Lee! He lives on in our memories today!” (Facebook’s Bruce Lee group)

An inspiration to martial artist all across the world.

Kempo in Action 1

Here is a real life example of how one of my students actually used a technique in an actual mugging attempt. The names are changed but the story is true.

Mary, a mother on vacation with her family, was attacked in a casino. A strange man approached and distracted her while his accomplice sucker punched Mary. The accomplice lady pulled on Mary’s shoulder and turned her around. Then struck with a right cross. The surprise punch landed square between the eyes.

Mary quickly performed one of Kempo punch techniques that had a leg hock and a three-punch follow up. This busted up the assailant’s face. The strange man stood there in shock. While this happened, a casino security guard watched and approached just as the action occurred. The security guard took Mary away from the scene and calmed her down. The guard saw the whole thing and said she was in the right.

An innocent conversation with someone in a business can turn ugly fast. Nice people usually don’t know a fight is happening until they get hit. Make sure you can take a punch and dish out a counter quick like Mary.