Kempo in Action 2

Here is a real life example of how one of my students actually used a technique in a schoolyard bully situation. “Rebecca” in Third Grade. The names are changed but the story is true.

Rebecca started at a new school filled with students she didn’t know. It wasn’t long for the other students to single her out as different. The boys started to bully her and push her around, perhaps as a way to demonstrate their machismo and bravado to the other boys. Each time a boy grabbed her arm, Rebecca performed the windmill escape.

They tried again and she escaped quickly. They couldn’t keep their hands on her arm. Finally, they resorted to verbal abuse instead since physical violence was stopped. After a while, they just left her alone.

In situations where fighting can get you in trouble such as the schoolyard, there are still options. You can defend yourself with blocks and escapes without counter strikes. You are not fighting only defending. Rebecca remembered a simple technique we practiced in class…a lot. She used the technique and disengaged the opponent. Luckily, that solved her situation.

Real Kempo in a real situation, share one of your Kempo in Action stories.

BTW, I’ll be out of touch for the next four days so no posts until Monday. Train hard! Train smart!