Kempo in Action 3

Here is a real life example of how one of my students actually used a technique in an actual robbery attempt. The names are changed but the story is true.

Natasha, a restaurant manager on the graveyard shift, used verbal and mental self-defense moves I taught at workshops and in class. She used her Mom-justu to keep the vagrants and vagabonds in check. Often in the late night hours, a drifter would come into the restaurant and demand money or food yelling and screaming with fists in the air.

Using a calm demeanor, Natasha told them sternly to get out of the restaurant. “That behavior is not welcomed or tolerated here.” she said. Natasha never backed up or gave up ground. Her confidence and tone broke the will of the opponent and they left.

Only on two occasions did they resort to striking her. Each time she blocked with a strong left arm and wagged her finger at them. “That behavior is definitely not allowed. I’m now calling the police.” Again, her calm yet forceful demeanor never faltered. Again the vagrants left humbled by her defense.

Remember that self-defense happens well before the first strike is thrown. Keep yourself out of dangerous situations. Be prepared and calm. Use your mind and mouth to de-escalate the situation so there is no physical attack.

Have you ever taken a potentially violent situation to a none-event just by using your mind and mouth? Tell us your self-defense story.