3 Things to think about before you get mugged

There you are, at night, on a dark street with two thugs pointing a gun at you. They want your money and jewelry. Is that the time to think about the value of your items and your loved ones? Is this the ideal time to pause for a few moments so you can think about it?

Decide what is valuable before a mugger asks you. This can save you valuable time and potentially end the attack. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Are the contents of your wallet worth your life?
  2. Is giving the cash away better than getting shot?
  3. Is it worth giving up jewelry and watches to save my children or spouse?

If the muggers just want the cash and you believe they will run away once they have it, why not give it to them? This may not be the case in all situations. However, delaying the hand over while you consider whether to be indignant or compliant can lead to anger on the mugger’s part.

It would be a great time to talk calmly and create a sense of familiarity. Make them like you and tell them you understand their situation. This should diffuse their anger and de-escalate their aggressiveness.

You’ll also need to evaluate whether or not you can defeat the opponent with your skills. When the opportunity presents itself, are you willing to act? You’ll only have seconds to decide.

You “win” the confrontation if you survive unharmed. That’s all that matters in true self-defense.