My Neighbor the Grandmaster

Martial arts come in many, many styles. In turn, there are millions of practitioners of the warrior arts. This means there are all sorts of people who study. It lends itself well to this quote:

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

With the variety of people who practice and the fact that will and perseverance are the key ingredients to be successful, anyone can be a good fighter. Therefore anyone can be a grandmaster of a particular art. You’d never know based on height, weight, clothing or name.

We should all show respect to everyone because that little old woman in the store could be a grandmaster. Never assume you are better than someone else is. Treat others like you wish to be treated. It is better to be kind, humble and hospitable than self-absorbed and elitist. True martial artists don’t pick fights with random strangers. We use our hard-earned skills for defense of life, liberty, family and country.

Besides would you like to attack someone who is highly skilled in a martial art? The fight could go badly for you. I’ve met some amazing instructors that didn’t look like skilled masters at first glance. Have you ever met someone who didn’t look like a master but actually was? Tell us in the comment section.