Remembering 9/11

Eight years ago, I was dropping off my daughter at daycare when I heard about a plane that hit one of the twin towers. I was astonished. By the time I got back to work, the whole office was watching the news on an old TV set rigged up in the conference room. The news got bad to worse as the day progressed. I don’t think anyone got any work done that day.

I write this in memory of all those who lost their lives that day because of religious and political opinions. Neither of which should cost people their lives. I also write this to remember all those who have died in combat or otherwise since then.

Let us never forget the innocent lives and the valiant warriors who have died and continue to die for our rights to live free, free of oppression, free of corruption, freedom from religious zealots, and freedom to educate our youth.

We shall never forget the tragic events of 9/11 and we shall never stop defending ourselves from our enemies. Choose friendship, acceptance and cooperation over death and loss. It works better.