Class Review for Wednesday

Just to recap what we went over. Practice your Monkey Dance 5 and Monkey Dance 3. Common mistakes included:

  • Turning the hips too much while in your half-moon stance
  • Not snapping the hands back in elbow position while punching
  • Dangling hands and arms
  • Looking before moving
  • Taking steps that are too big or stepping backwards with small, narrow steps

These are typical mistakes. Review them when you perform and practice the kata. The best way to improve kata is to take the mistakes you make and fix it one at a time. Do it five times then fix the next problem. Do it five times and repeat. This provides you with the repetition needed to make the form stick in your mind. It also allows the mind to focus on one problem at a time.

Do things purposefully and systematically. This makes all the difference in the world when you learn something or attempt to improve a skill. Remember the old phrase, “Step by step. Inch by inch.”

Train hard. Practice precisely.