First anniversary of my blog

Golden Leopard Kempo logoToday I have written in this blog for a complete year. It is a milestone in of itself. Last year, I hoped I could maintain the momentum of writing a few times every week. Before I started, I padded my quiver with several articles that I either updated from previous publication in the Leopard Pause, or wrote but never published.

The first six months went well, but then real life intruded. There are about two separate months where I never made it back to post an article — like last month. Oops. Anyway, I’d like to review some of the plans and how well I did against them.

Goals I was able to meet

  • I’m still writing in the blog. Woohoo!
  • I got a lot of article ideas turned into actual articles.
  • Attracted a few of my friends to follow this blog.

Goals that I failed to meet

  • I really wanted to have a single post weekly, ideally every other day except weekends. Close but no cigar.
  • I wanted to remain active on various martial arts forums and blogs. But that is a lot of work. I couldn’t keep it up and still teach and parent.
  • I wanted to post more news items and special events. Like above, I just didn’t have the time.
  • The mysterious cash prize contest.

Ideas that I hoped would happen

  • I hoped my blog would become the pride and joy of the independent Shaolin Kempo community. Yeah, that’s dreaming big but if you don’t dream big then why did you do all the work?
  • I also hoped my blog would be spotted by Hollywood (or even Bollywood — I’m not picky) and they loved me so much they hired me to star in my own movie. Now this is a bit silly but it could happen in some alternate universe of good luck.

Things that did happen

  • I finally got on Twitter (@bagnas) but without a Twitter capable phone and service, it didn’t work out so well. Besides, I have a hard time thinking of things to tweet. You’d never guess that by how much I talk in person.
  • I created a Facebook fan page. That attracted a lot of people I don’t know. Either I’m secretly famous somewhere or they just liked the logo and became a fan.

I’m still interested in getting ideas for topics or concepts you’d like me to discuss. Also, if you have any videos or articles you’d like to share, send them to me. I’d be happy to review them or take on a guest blogger for a day or two. I’ll even post Kempo art and G-rated photos of other martial artists.

See you next year.