Review of Iron Man 2

I saw Iron Man2 over the weekend and it was a great movie. The caveat here is I enjoy comic book based stories and characters so that colors this review. Minor spoilage to follow.

Overall Story = Good four fist rating
General Action = Good four fist rating
Martial arts moves (Black Wideo) = five fist rating

Martial arts moves (everyone else) =

Guns and missiles = Awesome five fist rating

This is a great follow up movie to the great Iron Man movie. The plot is sufficient to carry the repluser blasting Iron Man through the story. I enjoyed seeing War Machine get outfitted and then using his weapon upgrades. Lots of cool scenes of him shooting robots and bad guys.

Check out this article on his Stark Industries Home Particle Acelerator kit

My recommendation, as I said on Twitter (@bagnas), go see it. If you’re like me, you’ll pray for a rewind button when Black Widow (Scarlet) starts to kick bad guy butt. It’s for the sweet moves she executes, not the form fitting costume, really.

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