Lifeskills Training at our Dojo

tournament kidsWhen you compare Golden Leopard Kempo to any other school you will quickly find that we are miles ahead of the field! Our carefully structured programs go a lot further than just punching, kicking, and blocking. As professional martial arts instructors, we feel that it is our duty not only to help our students develop self-defense skills but also to provide a complete program of personal development to enhance the students quality of life.

“Golden Leopard Kempo offers a complete program for teaching self-defense as well as the all-important character building life-skills.”

Lessons of the Month
Each month our program will focus on a specific aspect of martial arts training such as fitness, confidence or persistence. These individual subjects are addressed each week in our Lesson of the Month, where we highlight just how martial arts can help improve many areas of our students’ lives. These virtues and themes are what differentiate martial arts training from typical team sports. We build the spirit, mind, and body through positive messaging.

Stories of the Month
Our Stories of the Month program is another innovative way we help educate our students about important lessons in life. Stories are not just for children, but for adults as well, as we rediscover the benefits of honesty, respect, work ethic, friendship and other values that make our lives more enjoyable. These stories align with the Lessons of the Month, reinforcing the virtues of proper behavior and character.