Dealing with a busy life and hectic schedule

caution-signI know I haven’t written in a while but life gets hectic. One thing is for sure, writing a newsletter or blog are both very time consuming. Just to catch you up, I continue to teach my classes weekly and train my own material. Like all things, my material started to degrade from lack of practice. So I follow my own advice and began hitting a practice routine with more vigor. Of course, that means writing time diminishes.

Then there are the other projects I’m working on and having children on Summer Vacation. Now that school started again, I find myself still without a lot of spare time. My advice is to schedule all your activities as if they were job related tasks. If you want to accomplish something, you need to chip away at it one hour at a time if necessary.

So I hope my lack of availability and posting inspires you to keep working. It may remind you that “Yes, I’m a regular dude” too. As always, if you have a topic idea or question, please submit it to me either by email or comments. I read both often.

Please tweet about the blog, join our Facebook page or subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to stay up to date with any new releases. There’s no reliable schedule yet so this is the best way to get notified.

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