cherry-blossomsHumility is a great character-builder, especially if you value your friends. It means you have self-control and are not arrogant. Leaders practice humility. People who are humble do not brag, criticize others and take others’ criticisms personally.

Humility is a positive quality of a good martial artist. As a student, you must be open to criticism from your instructors or you will not improve your skills and advance. Arrogant students can interrupt classes and everyone’s opportunity to learn, which can lead to injuries and negative confrontations. Those students that demonstrate humility, however, become the best leaders and martial artists, due to their unselfish manners.
Humility puts you more in touch with your real self. It also makes you more genuine, more approachable and more loveable. If you practice humility, then you will be much happier and healthier.

Are you a humble person? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. When you win a game, do you boast and brag, or do you simply enjoy the moment?
  2. When you meet people who are less fortunate than you, do you put them down or do you openly accept them regardless of their situations?
  3. When you are faced with a new or unfamiliar task, do you struggle to complete it or do you have the courage to ask for help?
  4. When someone puts you down, do you take it to the heart or do you disregard his comments and focus on your goals?

While being humble means that you will be vulnerable, you will have more pride in yourself and you will worry less of what others think of you. You will also have the courage to admit your ignorance, which means that you will learn more.

Your life will be better when you practice humility. When you knowingly resist the temptation to brag, you are gaining maturity. When you accept a friend into your life that is not as fortunate as you are, your heart will become more loving. When you have the courage to admit that you have much more to learn, you will open your mind to new abilities and opportunities. There is no better lesson than humility. Practice humility, experience the positive feelings it causes and you’ll know it is one of your greatest character traits.