Missing Author and Dojo Update

pocket-watchIt has been a very long time since I wrote a post to this blog. It seems abandoned, and honestly, it was for a bit. I just haven’t had the time to devote to writing articles. My topic list ran dry and I had writer’s block thinking of new ideas. For those remaining readers, I apologize for not being as consistent. Hopefully, my new list of ideas will pan out better. Be warned, I won’t commit to daily or even weekly posts. Let’s set a goal of once per month right now.

In truth, I was working on another blog which led to his one being left in the “to do” pile. Maintaining a blog is quite tough and I thought doing two would be cool. I was wrong.

What’s new in our little dojo? I’m working on actually getting certified to teach Tai Chi. This process is bringing in load of developmental and foundational curriculum to my anemic Tai Chi program. As a result, the Chi Gung section is getting a boost too. As I make adjustments to how I teach Introductory Tai Chi classes, please bear with me. There will be a few road bumps and a few mistakes as the new ranking goes live next year. This study may even lead to some Tai Chi related posts.

It’s been over ten years since the web site has had a make over, not counting the recent addition of this blog. I think it is high time I did something about that. There hasn’t been anything new on the site since I discontinued the monthly Leopard Pause newsletter and quarterly Black Belt Bulletin. If you miss those features, let me know. Be aware that producing them cost me money that I had to cut from the budget. If you like them, I will attempt to find ways to finance it.

Have any other questions about the dojo, blog or the students? Write to me.

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