6 Tips for an Unbeatable New Year’s Resolution

dailycalendarIt is the time of the year to set your new resolution. What is the resolution? Think of it as a goal for the next year. You want to start something or stop something. Usually, that something is a behavior or habit. Experience and cultural expectations tell us that you’ll stop implanting your resolution by the end of January, February at the latest.

This year, resolve to beat that expectation and reach your goal.

  1. Decide what behavior you want to change. Do you want to start something or stop something? Is it because you want to do it or because you think you should? I suggest you do something you are motivated to do. You need passion. If you are doing it for lackluster reasons, you’re doomed to struggle or fail.
  2. We’ll implement SMART goal system. Make your goal specific. The S in SMART. Pick something very clear and easy to identify. If your goal is too vague, it will be difficult to keep it in mind.
  3. You need a way to measure your progress. This is the M in SMART. How will you know if you are doing well or on course if you don’t know how to track your progress?
  4. You should make your goal achievable. The A in SMART. The goal should be realistically attainable using your plan and will power. The goal should also play into your overall vision or multi-year plan for your life. How do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?
  5. The goal or resolution should be relevant to your life or situation. The best goals are personal goals that mean something to you.
  6. Timely is the T in SMART. This means there is s deadline for your resolution. The best deadlines are soon rather than later or a year off. You need some time pressure to fortify your will power to stay the course. Set a deadline that is reasonable and achievable. If you are tracking your progress, you can adjust the deadline to fit with setbacks or changes to your situation.
  7. Bonus tip! Just like in martial arts, you need to break down challenges into digestible chunks. This is the key to success and victory. Make a big goal into several, smaller goals that lead up to your success. That’s why we use colored ranks leading up to Black Belt.

When you have a plan and a goal, your objective or target will most likely be achieved and successful. Follow these tips to change your life little by little. Need a few sample goals? I know you did.

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  • A former member? Restart your Kempo lessons with a reactivation program?
  • Already an active member? Consider upgrading to a more challenging program like the Black Belt Club.
  • Start a bullet journal or diary to track your thoughts and ideas.
  • Get active and join our smoking hot Kickboxing class at Golden Leopard Kempo.
  • Write a cool article for our blog. Send it to our staff for consideration.

There you have it, a great start to the New Year with a little planning and preparation. There is no stress if you map out a route to follow. It doesn’t have to be the plan or route for the entire year. It’s just a place to start. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that step.

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