Lull in activity

My apologies to those who come by this blog for my lack of attention the last year or two, I’ve been busy with all sorts of things. One of which is to come up with more ideas for the blog. Previously I had years’ worth of articles written or about to be written from my monthly newsletter. Eventually that pool of resources dried up.

I’ve also been distracted by trying to maintain my skills and get a handle on my new combinations. With over 90 combinations, it takes a bit of time and focus to keep them all straight. Sadly, I’m not doing a good job of it at the moment. I won’t even mention the number of open hand and weapon katas that need constant attention.

The key to success in the martial arts is plenty of practice. The more you do the better you become. Years ago I was fond of saying, “If you’re not getting better, then you’re getting worse.”

Enough about my situation, what about the articles? I did start an on-going series of articles that I never quite finished relating the Art of War to hand to hand self-defense situations. I hope to get back to that series again. I also hope to revamp the aging website yet again. It really hasn’t changed in ten years and I’d really like it to reflect the ongoing work of our instructors and students.

My pacing for the next year is to ease back into blogging again by posting monthly. There is a plan to post videos now that I have access to a good camera and video editing software. (Caveat is I’ve said all this before and still have produced any videos. Maybe I don’t like to watch myself on video.)

Without further ado, I leave you to the next post. Thank you for staying faithful and train hard.

Hock Hochheim CQC Seminar This Weekend

W. Hock Hochheim’s Scientific FIghting Congress
Close Quarter Combat and Pacific Archipelago Combatives Seminar
October 17 and 18

$150-2 days. $100-1 day
12 noon to 6 pm Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm Sunday
Hosted by Eddie Cavazos. Email him at

Special Presentations on:

  • Hand * Stick * Knife * Gun “Stop Six” Self Defense Survival Combat Scenarios
  • Unique knife fighting subjects
  • Mixed weapon combatives
  • Special session on Filipino Double Sticks and Double weapons
  • Your next course rank progressions

Romeoville is 25 miles southwest of Chicago down Interstate 55.
Seminar will take place at the Romeoville Recreation Center, 900 West Romeo Road (Take Interstate 55 to Weber Road South to Romeo Road West.)

Local Hotels:
Best Western: 815-372-1000 (Best Recommendation / Closest to the Rec Center / Good Rates)
Comfort Inn: 630-226-1900
Country Inn and Suites: 630-378-1052
Extended Stay America: 630-226-8966

Traveling in? Staying overnight and with a group? Bring your whole affliated, work-out group, 5 or more people on up to 20 people for only $650! (You cannot beat this deal!)
Contact Eddie Cavazos for more information:, 815-272-7028

Pre-register if you like, or just pay at the door.
Remember we need to see instructors about once a year!

For more information goto

Hock gives a great seminar and is well worth the trouble.

Change of Schedule

I usually post every day a new article on Kempo and martial arts in general. However, due to some other projects I’ll need to slow the pace down a bit. My new goal is to post every other day so stay with me as I transition to the new posting schedule. When possible, I’ll put a few extra posts out to keep you guessing.

Thanks again for following and for your comments.

On a side note, I want to start posting notices for upcoming tournaments, seminars and demonstrations. So please send me pertinent information, an email with links, and pictures if you have them. Then I will post a notice here.

That’s all for now.

Bruce Lee passed 36 years ago

“Bruce Lee passed 36 years ago today in Hong Kong from an cerebral edema caused by an allergic reaction to pain medication. We pay homage to the awesomeness that was Bruce Lee! He lives on in our memories today!” (Facebook’s Bruce Lee group)

An inspiration to martial artist all across the world.

Karate Instructor teaches Kickboxing

A good article on how Kickboxing is not the end all, it needs Karate.

Master Haymore tells the reporter that many young men join to be MMA fighters and want to study kickboxing. Yet to be ready, they need more than that. They need the whole art. I interpret this as adding the mind and spirit to the body. He articulates what many martial artist know, the sport is not the whole package. It’s just a small part.

History of Karate in Hawai’i

A good article about Hawaiian Karate history so read it here at the Honolulu Advertiser.
Hamilton Library exhibit celebrates spread of the martial art from Okinawa at the University of Hawai’i – Manoa. It is filled with old photos of private training, whole katas (step by step) and other goodies. It’s a treasure trove of great historical information on the Okinawan influence of Karate into the Islands and eventually to the mainland.

Another Green Dojo

Read the full story about Boston Karate Students to Help Build “Black Belt Garden” in Local Green Space

What I like about this article is how it demonstrates the community focus of martial arts schools. Extending the dojo to the garden is a great idea on how to link the agricultural roots of Karate to the modern world in a way that improves the land. It also makes it useful to others without being selfish.

Kudos to the Boston Karate students and their instructor for a great job. Between this school and King Karate, from a previous post about gardening and karate, there seems to be a new, promising trend among martial arts teachers.