Tragic News about David Carradine

Actor David Carradine found dead in Bangkok

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As stated in my bio, his role as a Shaolin monk in “Kung Fu” inspired me spiritually and physically to start training in martial arts. I enjoyed the show immensely and mildly enjoyed his other roles in various movies and television shows. He was a great villain in the “Kill Bill” movie series.

I read his book, “Spirit of Shaolin” and found it interesting. It seems his role as Kwai Chang Caine inspired him too.

It is sad he may have taken his own life prior to filming another movie. David, thank you for inspiring generations of people to train industriously in the martial arts including me.

Regrettable Business Practices

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Get ripped, not ripped off, by avoiding contracts with gyms, karate schools
By Greg Dawson -The Last Resort, Orlando Sentinel, May 10, 2009

Three of the four cases listed in the article were for Martial Arts schools that have contracts. I find the practice disturbing. I understand it from a business practice but we are not just a business, we are a part of the community. Any reasonable request should get you out of the contract, which defeats the purpose of contracts. So just do month-to-month fees and offer a great program. It makes moral sense.

La Salle girl gets kick out of karate

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The article is about a girl who started her training in Kindergarten around age 5. That’s a difficult age to maintain consistency but she is still there four years later.

“She was bugging me for about a year,” said her father, Joel Cordova. “She started taking classes and has been focused on it ever since.”

Her father’s quote is important for all students. She is focused on training. You can do it at any age as long as you have the focus to do the work, the desire to be your best and you never quit.

Karate master teaches more than kicks, jabs

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Master King has hit on an ancient connection between the martial arts and life. Since the origins of Karate stem from farmers on Okinawa, his belief that they are related rings true. Here’s a quote from the article:

“Gardening, farming and karate are almost the same. You gotta get down into the earth. It’s all about job skills and earning your own way,” King Karate and Harvesting Earth Owner Jackie King said.

Training in the warrior arts teaches us about responsibility and that responsibility includes having appropriate skills to make a living and contributing to the community and one’s family. It is important to know how to provide for oneself. Farming like Karate requires patience. Also hard work has great payoffs. Here’s another great quote from Master King in the article:

“We have kids that come here and train and go out and work on farms. We teach them how to use the equipment. Some of the kids have never used a tractor,” said King.

His program speaks to the heart of martial arts like Karate or Kempo – making better adults by teaching children well. Martial arts are not just about punching and kicking, as the title says. Master King gets it.

“We think that’s part of self defense. If you have to depend on other people for basic things like food, then you’re putting your life in their hands. We need to take some of that power back,” Dora King said.

Good luck Master King.

Swine Flu Threat Closes Karate Academy

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I’m a big fan of after school programs and small business owners. Though the closing is prudent to stop the spread of the flu, it does affect the financial ability of businesses to remain open. I wish the Karate Academy luck during this Swine Flu hysteria.