Shaken, Not Stirred

Many beginning students feel that speed in a technique is the key to success. Nothing is further from the truth. Speed can overwhelm an opponent but it can also upset your rhythm. Maintain a speed where you can comfortably perform each element of your defense. Do not let fear dictate your movements.

Use leverage to unbalance your opponent

Use leverage to unbalance your opponent

As part of your block and check, take the time to disrupt the balance and the mindset of your opponent. One of our favorite techniques is a hula hip to their center of balance. When the human body looses its balance, primal instincts force them to address this and attempt to regain their balance. Often times, ignoring the need for defending an ongoing assault by you. This is exactly what we want, an opponent who doesn’t counter attack.

A confused mind eliminates the ability to formulate a counter attack and gives you time to defeat them. It gives you the time to do what you need, slowing the situation to a manageable speed. There should be no need to go super fast like the movies. Control the combat and you control the outcome.

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