Steal the Wind

Where do most people like to hit? What is the best target to hit first? What’s the second? Ask a hundred people and you may get a hundred different answers. The trained Kempo warrior has one of the best targets.

The body is the best secondary target. “What about the head?” you ask. The head is thick and boney. The skull is the thickest bone in the body. It’s mobile and agile. It’s naturally guarded as well by the other limbs and the brain. Still many people like to hit the head for dramatic and demoralizing effects.

Some systems train extensively on breaking the skull bone. Bricks and coconuts are examples of this type of break training. If you can break a brick or coconut, then you can crack the skull – so the theory goes.

The body is better because it has more organs to damage. It’s larger and easier to hit. Each hit impacts the vital organs and breathing system. It makes breathing difficult. That slows down response time creating more openings for your attacks.

Everything is based on breath. You need it to live. It keeps you calm. It’s critical for cardiovascular activity like fighting, thinking or running. If you take these activities away from the enemy, then you have won.

Each hit to the body and ribs takes some of the “air” out of the enemy. Do it enough, they start to fatigue from disrupted breathing. When he can’t breath properly, he’ll start to surrender or slow down to gain time to breathe. You have stolen his “wind” and now you own the confrontation.

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