Your Sensei Needs You

After a few months or even years of training, you develop a bond with your school. It is your martial home away from home. What is the best way for you to support your school? How can you make it grow and remain strong? For the school to survive and prosper, each member should show support. It is your obligation as a student to help the dojo. Part of the help is the payment you make as tuition dues and supply purchases. But there are other ways you can help too.

Helping your dojo is in your future

Helping your dojo is in your future

Refer others people to your school so they’ll join as new students. That’s how the school grows and stays strong by having new members. A school needs a constant stream of new students to keep it operational. Don’t keep others out, invite your friends and family into the school. Referrals make the best new students because they know some of the other students.

Referrals also show respect for your instructor and his or her staff. If you believe they are giving you the best they know, sharing it with others demonstrates that value. As an instructor, I get a sense of satisfaction when my students bring in their friends. It means they trust me, and they understand the value of what I’m teaching.

Become your school’s  evangelist, its proud member who believes in the training. This enthusiasm and confidence in your school translates into a bold, strong spirit for the dojo. A dojo is nothing without students so you are the dojo. Make your instructor proud.

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