The International Black Belt Club

What is the Black Belt Club?

Students committed to the goal of Black belt comprise the Black Belt Club (BBC). By the rank of Orange belt, a student should set a goal of Black Belt and join the Black Belt Club. Over 80% of our students are BBC members or BBC Graduates. The Black Belt Club is the inner core of the school, and best represents the ideals of Golden Leopard Kempo.

The Black Belt Club is both a club and a program for people who have set Black Belt as their goal. You may have noticed the Black Belt Club members in your class. They wear the Black Belt Club patch on their sleeve and wear the belts with the black stripe running the full length. Black Belt Club members participate in many areas of Kempo Karate training that aren’t in regular classes, such as Kobudo training, breaking, and an advanced kata set Halawa.

Who can qualify for the Black Belt Club?

To qualify, a student must be a Gold belt or above and have their instructor’s approval.

How do I get recommended?

To qualify for advanced training beyond your trial year, you must:

  1. Have set a goal of Black Belt.
  2. Have regular belt exam participation.
  3. Be A-rated in Kempo, school/work, and at home.
  4. Demonstrate the qualities of Black Belt Excellence in and out of the school.
  5. Have a high level of enthusiasm for Kempo class.
  6. For students still in school, a good report card on conduct and attitude from parents and teachers.
  7. Support school functions and events.
  8. Have good attendance and eagerness to make up absences.
  9. Be current with tuition payments.
  10. Have the full support of the family.

What are the benefits of the Black Belt Club?

Golden Leopard Kempo is a Black Belt school, and when a student commits to earning Black Belt, they are past the trial stage. They become part of our school with the following privileges.

  1. Discounts on all special events.
  2. Special weekly seminar/workout for Black Belt Club members only
  3. Lowest possible tuition rate through the Black Belt with no yearly increases
  4. Special Black Belt Club patch
  5. Special Black Belt Club belt
  6. Opportunity to wear the black uniform of the Black Belt Club

How do you join the Black Belt Club?

Upon earning your Gold Belt, you enter the Black Belt Update phase of your training. Your instructors will conduct a series of evaluations and tests to determine if you qualify for advanced training in the Black Belt Club. Eligible students get invitations to join the Black Belt Club. Train hard and good luck!

How to control your enemy

Setting up for an arm lock

Setting up for an arm lock

One of the keys to a successful self-defense situation is controlling the enemy. Here are more principles from the brilliant mind of Sun Tzu.

21. If he is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him.

22. If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.  Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

23. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them.

24. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

25. These military devices, leading to victory, must not be divulged beforehand.

If the enemy is powerful and ready, he will soon attack. If he is obviously better than you are, get away. These are ways to control the enemy by knowing their next move. Bait them with smack talk if the enemy looks easy to make angry. As stated in the last post, fake being weak and injured to make your enemy feel superior. That will often make them choose to attack with fewer defenses up — committing more to the attack than necessary or safe.

Also, if the enemy it knocked off balance or tired, continue a relentless assault to finish him off. Likewise, a group of enemies must be attacked one at time. We use the rule of two, hit each opponent twice and then move on to the next one. Attempt to devastate the opponent as visually amazing as possible. Make it gory, thematic, and audible — scream a lot. You can also divide up the enemies by closing doors or blocking others out while you finish off an isolated opponent.

Another rule of martial arts is you can’t defend all areas at the same time effectively. Therefore, there is always a weak spot in their defense. The trick is to find that area and attack it. Attack in a way that they are not expecting.

Whatever you think of or implement, do yourself a favor and don’t tell anyone. The best military advantages are secret, so keep your secret too.