Kempo in Action 5

Here is a real life example of how one of my students actually used a technique in an actual bully situation. “James” vs. the BB Gun.

Several weeks ago, one of my junior students (a nine-year old Brown Belt) said he performed a variant on Gun #7 on a neighbor. His opponent had a BB gun — not a real gun. According to him, that kind of gun still hurts and his friend was
Shoot the other kids on the block.

James said he zigzagged up to the guy, quickly disarmed the gun, backed up and aimed the gun at the guy. The kid said he was sorry to everyone.

James said “Sifu, it really works!” His mom (also a Brown Belt) was proud of him.

I thought to myself, “You shouldn’t be doing gun defenses in real life.” But ended up telling him, “Good job. Keep calm in those situations and train hard. By the way, beware of real guns, please.”

Our little student here, James was able to stop a confrontation without breaking bones or causing blood to spurt out of a nose. He disarmed and cooled the situation down. Hope this inspires you to train.

Do you have any stories about a marital art move that really worked as taught? Post it here in the comments.

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